Chlorpyrifos Protects

Food Security
Grounded in Science

Our Resource Library provides links to scientific studies, reports, and white papers related to chlorpyrifos use, regulation, environmental impacts, and human health considerations.

Crop Protection
Proven and Reliable

Chlorpyrifos offers superb versatility in controlling a wide variety of pests across numerous crops, and is a reliable rotation partner in insect resistance management programs. Learn more about chlorpyrifos’ benefits and use.

Make Yourself Heard

Informed growers and professionals can provide valuable input and expertise during EPA’s Registration Review of chlorpyrifos. Visit our Regulatory pages to learn about the process and how you can be involved.

WHAT IS Chlorpyrifos?

Chlorpyrifos has been reliably used for more than 45 years as the active ingredient in products that protect crops from damaging insect pests.




Resources and information regarding Wildlife & Environment, including Endangered Species.



Follow the latest assessments, correspondence, and documentation about chlorpyrifos’ registration review.