Chlorpyrifos Protects

EPA Denial of Chlorpyrifos Ban Sets Pro-Science Precedent

08/10/2017 - "EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s action in denying the petition to effectively ban chlorpyrifos was clearly a defense of sound science, halting an activist-driven effort to use junk science in order to justify an unwarranted chemical ban. By reversing course, the EPA turned away from formulating policy based on the kind of agenda-driven research for which the Columbia University’s Center for Children’s Environmental Health, which is partly funded the EPA, has become well known. The CCCEH study the EPA had previously cited to justify banning chlorpyrifos was not based on any new, compelling science. More importantly, a chlorpyrifos ban would be ill-advised. The benefits of products like chlorpyrifos in making food more affordable by helping farmers fight damaging pests and related disease far outweigh the very low and manageable health risks.” (Angela Logomasini, American Enterprise Institute)

Link to the full article by Angela Logomasini here.