Labeled uses of chlorpyrifos rest on four decades of experience in use, health monitoring of manufacturing workers and applicators, and more than 5,000 studies and reports examining the product in terms of human health and the environment. No pest control product now registered has been more thoroughly tested.

Chlorpyrifos is labeled for use on more than 50 agricultural crops and is applied to more than 8.5 million crop acres per year in the U.S. It is also registered in about 100 countries worldwide.

Dow AgroSciences carefully labels its products and also makes its labels and safety data sheets available on its company website for reference use.

Dow AgroSciences Products

Lorsban®, Lock-On®, and Cobalt® are Dow AgroSciences’ trade names for its chlorpyrifos products in the U.S. To access labels and safety information sheets, visit the Dow AgroSciences Labels and CDMS/SDS sites. Dow AgroSciences’ chlorpyrifos-containing products sold in the U.S. are supplied for use in agriculture only by growers and custom applicators. As specified on labeling, some products are classified as “Restricted Use Products”, which may be only be used by Certified Applicators or workers under their direct supervision. Assistance to the general public in understanding content of these regulatory documents can be found for labels and safety data sheets .