Dow AgroSciences Requests Extension of Public Comment Period for EPA Human Health Assessment of Chlorpyrifos

07/21/2011 -

 Dow AgroSciences (DAS) is requesting extension of the public comment period for the preliminary human health assessment for chlorpyrifos,  which was recently released by EPA as part of its Registration Review program. This opened a 60-day public comment period on the preliminary human health risk assessment which will close on September 6, 2011. The chlorpyrifos assessment the first substantive human health assessment prepared as part of the Registration Review program and includes complex issues and application of precedent-setting policies requiring extensive study and evaluation.

Dow AgroSciences has submitted a request to extend the public comment period by an additional 60 days. We believe this request is justified and reasonable in view of the need to ensure a sound scientific approach and to maintain the integrity of the Agency’s Registration Review process. Adequate time is needed for the EPA preliminary assessment to be thoroughly reviewed and for useful comments to be developed and submitted. A 60-day comment period would deprive Dow AgroSciences and other critical stakeholders of the necessary time required to construct the most thoughtful and cogent comments for the benefit of the EPA.

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