EPA to Convene New Scientific Advisory Panel Review of Chlorpyrifos

03/26/2012 -

As part of the ongoing Registration Review process for chlorpyrifos, EPA has announced that it will be convening a Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting during April 10-13 to seek expert guidance on the best way to integrate research findings for chlorpyrifos in a data-rich environment with studies conducted by different methods, in different fields (e.g., toxicology vs. epidemiology), for different purposes and with different limitations. Dow AgroSciences is encouraged that EPA is actively seeking to use the best available science in its evaluation of chlorpyrifos.

A special focus of the SAP review will be an understanding of the results of academic research in light of EPA-mandated regulatory guideline studies conducted under Good Laboratory Practice standards for use in registration evaluations. Some academic studies have suggested a potential for subtle effects from exposures via atypical routes of administration, at doses well below accepted no-effect levels or without clear involvement of the mechanism of action (cholinesterase inhibition) that has been long established for chlorpyrifos by state-of-the-art toxicology research. The panel will evaluate these differing results and provide EPA with guidance on their interpretation.

In its October 2011 response to EPA’s preliminary human health assessment, Dow AgroSciences provided the Agency with a comprehensive weight-of-the-evidence evaluation of key issues to be considered by the panel. We are confident in the quality of the work we submitted and look forward to the panel’s evaluation. We welcome a comprehensive review of the science behind chlorpyrifos and will keep stakeholders advised of the outcome.

Link here to EPA’s website for further information on the SAP meeting.


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