EPA Announcement on Chlorpyrifos and Spray Drift

07/17/2012 -

Dow AgroSciences acknowledges recent EPA actions reaffirming regulatory authorizations for the continued use of the insecticide chlorpyrifos in U.S. agriculture. In today’s actions, the Agency has rejected a number of key historical objections offered by pesticide opponents; clarified chlorpyrifos use relative to the potential for bystander exposure; and reaffirmed EPA’s long-standing commitment to transparent, science-based regulatory policies in requiring weight-of-the-evidence evaluations to address inconsistencies in the findings of epidemiology and animal research.

While Dow AgroSciences strongly believes that current label directions for chlorpyrifos use already offer wide margins of protection relative to potential bystander exposure, the label amendments announced by EPA today, which will go into effect at a later date, are consistent with sound drift management principles that have been present on product labels for many years. We see the EPA’s desire to offer further definition of good stewardship practices already inherent in existing labeling as reflective of current directions in pesticide policy.

You can view a letter summarizing EPA’s announcement. 

A Dow AgroSciences Q&A document on product labeling changes.

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