Chlorpyrifos Benefits Highlighted by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Academia, and Industry Groups

03/18/2016 -
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture, major research and extension universities, and industry groups have provided EPA with extensive information concerning the benefits and importance of chlorpyrifos in U.S. agriculture. The information was submitted to EPA in response to an October 30, 2015 call for public comments concerning an Agency proposal to withdraw chlorpyrifos food tolerances as part of its Registration Review program and as a result of legal actions by anti-pesticide groups. EPA’s proposal would involve the withdrawal of all food tolerances effective at the end of 2016 unless EPA’s assessment was updated, and members of the public were given until January 5, 2016, to respond with further information and comments to inform EPA’s decision-making. EPA received a significant amount of information and many comments from the public on its proposal, including detailed information on the use and benefits of chlorpyrifos in U.S. agriculture.
  • A submission from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Office of Pest Management Policy outlined the benefits of chlorpyrifos and pointed out practical ways that assumptions in EPA’s assessment could be corrected and further refined to provide more realistic findings. USDA characterized chlorpyrifos as “an extremely valuable tool for farmers in managing a wide array of pest insects” that is “incredibly important to U.S. agriculture and related industries”. In describing the benefits of chlorpyrifos, USDA noted that there are few or no alternatives for management of a number of important pests of key crops such as cotton, alfalfa, citrus fruit, almonds, and vegetables and that it is a critical product for management of resistance and combating invasive insect pests.
  • USDA public comments on chlorpyrifos
  • Submissions from a diversity of agricultural interests including university researchers and extension experts, farmer and grower organizations, and crop and pest management advisors provided EPA with specific examples and crops where chlorpyrifos provides critical benefits. Information provided covered a wide range of crops, from Alfalfa to Wheat, and from across the nation, from California to Georgia and from Minnesota to Texas. Copies of all submitted comments may be found in EPA’s Federal Docket by searching on the phrase “EPA-HQ-OPP-2015-0653”, and excerpts organized by crop and state may be viewed at the following links:
  • Who needs chlorpyrifos and why (by crop)?
  • Who needs chlorpyrifos and why (by state)?
  • An updated report on “Use and Benefits of Chlorpyrifos in Agriculture” commissioned by Dow AgroSciences has also been submitted to U.S. EPA. This detailed report provides a crop-by-crop analysis of chlorpyrifos products, use patterns, target pests, benefits, and regional considerations.
  • Use and Benefits of Chlorpyrifos in Agriculture – 2016
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