While each pesticide review is unique, all pesticides go through the following basic review process (summarized from the EPA website ).

Note that EPA welcomes public comment on Registration Reviews and factors this input into its assessments and decisions.

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Go to the regulatory review schedule for chlorpyrifos to see dates for open comment periods.

DOCKET OPENING: EPA starts Registration Review by establishing a Federal docket (at www.regulations.gov ) and publishing a notice in the Federal Register that the docket is open for public comment. Each docket contains summary documents explaining what information the EPA has about the pesticide in question and the intended path forward for review, along with a fact sheet providing background on the product. The fact sheet also identifies preliminary information needs for human health and ecological assessments.

Comment periods are generally open for at least 60 days, and anyone may submit data or information during this period, which the EPA is expected to take into account.

CASE DEVELOPMENT: EPA then evaluates the data to determine whether the pesticide should continue to be authorized for use. Included in this evaluation are what changes have occurred since the last registration decision and whether the assessment will require registrants to develop and submit additional data to support the product.

Once EPA completes its evaluation, the Agency summarizes it in a draft assessment that it publishes for public comment. If the draft assessment suggests new risks or concerns for the product, EPA may also invite suggestions from the public on how those risks should be managed.

REGISTRATION REVIEW DECISION: After reviewing the public comment received, EPA finalizes its assessment and decides whether the product in question can perform its intended function with a “reasonable certainty of no harm” to human health and without unreasonable adverse effects to the environment. If certain uses of the pesticide do not meet these mandatory legal requirements, those uses cannot be registered.

PUBLICATION OF PROPOSED DECISION: EPA then publishes its assessment and Registration Review decision in the Federal Register and invites further public comment for at least 60 days. The Agency updates the public docket with its proposed findings, identifying any new risk mitigation measures or other new requirements for registration and specifies proposed changes in product use and labeling. EPA also communicates deadlines for completing any required actions.

FINAL DECISION: After considering public comments on its proposed decision, EPA generally issues a Registration Review decision, including an explanation of any changes that have been made in the final document. EPA also responds at this time to significant stakeholder comment. The Agency then publishes another Federal Register notice announcing its decision.