Since chlorpyrifos products were first introduced in 1965, diligent and constant support by the manufacturers has ensured continued availability of these valuable tools for agriculture. This support includes development of the most up-to-date scientific data, regulatory approvals and product labeling, as well as a commitment for open communication to growers and the general public. The website represents part of this commitment to continuing dialogue with stakeholders on important issues regarding chlorpyrifos products.

As the primary manufacturer of chlorpyrifos products in the U.S., Dow AgroSciences is pleased to serve as sponsor for this website. Lorsban® and Cobalt® are primary Dow AgroSciences’ trade names for its chlorpyrifos products in the U.S. To access labels and safety information sheets, visit the Dow AgroSciences Labels Website or product-specific websites:

Chlorpyrifos products are also manufactured outside of the U.S. for worldwide distribution. Three of the top global manufacturers who are also sponsors for the website are: